the three bees

I'm from New England originally.

I spent my summers playing in the woods and winters building forts in the snow. Not much has changed in the last 28 years.

I moved to Portland five years ago and fell in love with the city as soon as I arrived. The connection it has to the natural world around and within it create an atmosphere that encourages getting outside and exploring what the metro area and the surrounding country have to offer as often as possible.

I share my love of the outdoors with many of the friends I've made since since moving here, and collectively we've driven, hiked, floated and ridden all over the Pacific Northwest.

This site is a catalog of who we are, where we've been, and what we've done.

This is some brilliant, beautiful bullshit.

Michael 'Mookie' Bohannon

In his own words, Mookie is a 'slinger of 'spro!' at the Corsa Cafe, which has its home in Western Bikeworks in northwest Portland, OR. Known among his friends for being the one most likely to take his shirt off, Mookie is a ceaselessly active and enthusiastic individual with a huge heart. And that's not even counting the one tattooed on his left side.

Justin Miller

Justin is a brewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery in southeast Portland, OR. He can also be counted among the many homebrewers in Portland and crafts a delicious variety of beers both on and off the job. He recently had a beer of his own creation debut at Hopworks' southeast bar. Justin is an avid snowboarder, and spends as much time as possible on the slopes of Mt. Hood.

Seth Lathrop

Seth is a student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. He specializes in web design and creates beautiful sites with a focus on back- and front-end development and user experience. He's pretty obsessed with a number of things, but snowboarding rules everything in his life. He built and designed The Three Bees and can also be found at

Derek Walker

Derek is a production artist at Nike, Inc. He's lived in Portland, OR for almost two years and loves nothing more than the opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders the Pacific Northwest has to offer. He's a graphic designer with a wide range of skills, from logo design all the way up to web development, and makes his online home at

Paul Belton

Paul is originally from upstate New York. After having lived in Portland for several years, he's currently in Eugene, studying at the University of Oregon. He's got a huge affinity for the great outdoors and takes every available opportunity to spend time hiking, floating, or exploring that he can. Also, like Justin, Paul is one of Oregon's many homebrewers.

Portland, Oregon was founded in 1845 and named with a coin toss.

Today, the city is known as a hotbed of culture. Music venues, food carts, coffee shops, and breweries dot the landscape, along with a large number of parks and public gardens. For many people, it offers the perfect combination of fast-paced urban life and the ability to get away from it all.

To the east, the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood dominate the landscape. To the west, the Pacific Ocean laps against the coast. In between, there's a wide array of mountains, rivers, fields, streams, and small towns just waiting to be explored.

Ride Like You Stole It, released in March, 2013, was a collaborative attempt to chronicle the 2013 snowboarding season and our (newly) annual trip to Government Camp on the slopes of Mt. Hood. We all took our turns filming, but the editing and overall design was completed by Derek.

The Pacific Northwest

These little 'B' markers highlight some of our favorite places around the PNW. They're places that we live, have lived, love to visit, or that just stand out for their own unique reasons.